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The Sound of Creation

Living arts in-depth practice

Continue the journey with weekly online sessions,  to further explore the worlds of knowledge and practice introduced in the essential course.

The in-depth practice group creates a container to cultivate your self growth, creativity and intuitive skills. 

Each session is 120 min long, and contains practical exercises of meditation, vocal work and chanting, combined with spiritual teachings and group sharing.

Sessions are happening each Tuesday 6:30pm (UTC) on Zoom.

*UTC at standard time. 


Registration & payment info:

Cost: 220€ for 8 consecutive sessions

Each session is recorded and available to watch at any time.

About the teacher:

Noam Paz (Ananda) is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher, and facilitates healing and growth processes for individuals and communities. Noam was initiated into the spiritual path at the age of 7, and has been certified as a yoga teacher at the age of 13. Had the privilege of meeting and studying with inspiring teachers from different paths, and getting to know the deeper essence that is intertwined in all of them. A co-creator of ThetaHealing course “The body sings”, that focuses on the heart song technique. Facilitates courses, retreats and rituals in Israel and around the world.

“The Sound of Creation sessions have been a big part of my spiritual growth this year. The intimate group setting allows for all the students to explore their imagination and expand their vocal cords in a supportive environment.

Each week we get to push our spiritual practice further, learn about the transformative qualities of mantra and connect with the sacred power of our own voice alongside countless ancient teachings and mythical stories. 

Ananda guides these sessions with boundless dedication, passion, positivity and grace. It has been an incredible journey thus far. “


Oriel, New York City



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