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Heart Song

ThetaHealing® practice group

The Heart Song is a gentle and yet profound vocal technique for releasing blocked emotional energy like grief and resentment, and transforming it into the life force that enables you to heal, evolve and achieve your goals.

on Zoom

The Heart Song technique is one of the more advanced and powerful exercises that ThetaHealing® offers. The use of it allows expression of deep sorrow and grief, that may accumulate in the person and delay their process of healing, manifestation and spiritual growth when they do not feel they have space nor the legitimacy to express them freely. The Heart Song allows the healing process to reach beyond the limitations of the analytic mind, reconnecting with the natural healing abilities of the human body, and the great spirit that moves through all things.

Practice group sessions:

Each 90 min session includes practices of meditation, vocal warm-up and relaxation, to enhance the benefits of the heart song exercise. It is recommended  to prepare a yoga mat/blanket and a warm shawl for the relaxation part.

cost: 22€

payment method: Paypal

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