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The Sound of Creation

Dive into the philosophy and practice of vocal healing,  integrating meditation, yogic breathing, vocal work, creativity and more... 

Living arts in-depth practice

Weekly online sessions!

Tuesdays at 18:30 CET

What makes the human voice such an important healing tool?

Voice is one of the most direct expressions of our being.

The voice is an expression of the breathing process itself, the most vital action that accompanies us from the moment of birth and until death.

Through voice and words we express our identity, our will, emotions and thoughts. This enables the voice to influence each of these aspects of life.

The vocal vibrations affect the whole resonance box- the body as a whole. This allows “communication” between all the organs. 

The voice is a cardinal communication medium in our relationships with others, that usually composes an important part of our life experience.

The vast influence the voice has on all of these aspects makes it a “key player” in self growth and healing.

Integrative healing

The integrative approach existed even before the dawn of humanity. It derives from nature itself, based on the fact that reality is composed of many different layers who seem separated, but are actually interconnected and influence each other. Therefore, each part of the whole is important and vital. Into this course I collected a variety of  resources and techniques that integrate with each other, and touch all the aspects: The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. And singing is connected to all of them:


Breath | awareness | mantra | myth | creativity | community

The program is designed to give therapeutic tools for personal growth and facilitation:


Deepening inner listening

Strengthening and balancing emotional and vocal expression

Healing relationship with the body and self image

Managing challenges, stress and crisis

Cultivating creativity and inspiration

Enhancing concentration and imagination

Strengthening mental resilience and the immune system and enhancing vitality

Cultivating the personal spiritual path

In each session,

we will dedicate some time to sharing and discussing as a group. The main part of each session (teachings and practice) will be recorded and available online for the participants.

For some of the practices, please prepare:

A yoga mat / woollen blanket and a shawl to cover

A notebook and pen/pencil

Oil pastels and papers

About the teacher:

Noam Paz (Ananda) is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher, and facilitates healing and growth processes for individuals and communities. Noam was initiated into the spiritual path at the age of 7, and has been certified as a yoga teacher at the age of 13. Had the privilege of meeting and studying with inspiring teachers from different paths, and getting to know the deeper essence that is intertwined in all of them. A co-creator of ThetaHealing course “The body sings”, that focuses on the heart song technique. Facilitates courses, retreats and rituals in Israel and around the world.

Students reviews:

“Noam is a very kind and highly experienced spiritual teacher, yogi, healer, musician and artist. In these sessions, he gently guides his students on a unique path of exploring different aspects of healing, the body-mind connection as well as our connection to Mother Earth and the divine. This is done through meditation, mantras and chanting, ancient myth, physical and vocal exercises and painting. All of this opens up a beautiful and safe space for deep spiritual and perceptual growth. I felt a subtle shift and a sense of expansion after each session, and I believe it has made me a better healer, too. I am grateful to Noam for sharing in this special way and look forward to continuing on this journey.”


Franziska, Germany

"Do you know that feeling of falling in love?

The whole day you're looking forward to being with that person, to spending more time with that person, to know more about that person. That's how chanting, meditating, learning more feels like for me now!

Before I met Noam/Ananda, I knew hardly anything about the Hindu or other traditions. With theses sessions, it became, more and more, an integral part of my everyday life. I think that's because Noam guides you safely through the practices, sharing the myths for a deeper understanding, generously drawing from his decades of experiences. While doing so, he's sensitively creating a safe space with a warm, thoughtful community.

All that enabled me to turn the learnings into practice directly. Today, I am singing more in daily life, my body feels the sounds, and I find peace, joy, energy in meditation and chanting. Thus, I couldn't be more grateful for the classes and the learnings, and I wouldn't want to miss it anymore! Instead, I long for more and find joy in practicing and learning more and more aspects/facets and diving deeper. Or, to put it another way: I stepped in love with the practices and the learnings!"


Evangelista, Austria

"I am very grateful for this beautiful course that I decided to be part of . I was motivated by the healing power of music and it actually exceeded my expectations! This course is such an ally and support through a healing process and Life in general, being both enjoyable and lively with stories and many colourful anecdotes and historical references and at the same time driving you through the depths of yourSelf where True Healing occurs , naturally . Sound healing Music therapy Consciously attuned, there are many names to describe this experience of Self discovery and healing through your own Voice and Noam is such a great guide to help navigate through that direction of reaching oneself! Lots of Gratitude for everyone taking part of the course as well , it’s been a joy to meet up on zoom with everyone and reconnecting with myself my Heart & Soul through the simple yet so powerful healing sounds of Creation . Thank You!"


Émilie, France

“The Sound of Creation sessions have been a big part of my spiritual growth this year. The intimate group setting allows for all the students to explore their imagination and expand their vocal cords in a supportive environment.

Each week we get to push our spiritual practice further, learn about the transformative qualities of mantra and connect with the sacred power of our own voice alongside countless ancient teachings and mythical stories. 

Ananda guides these sessions with boundless dedication, passion, positivity and grace. It has been an incredible journey thus far. “


Oriel, New York City

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Sessions are taking place every Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm UTC

Recommended payment: 220€-180€* for 8 consecutive sessions

Each session is recorded and available to watch at any time.
*If necessary, the price can be accommodated to participant's ability, upon request.

**In order to complete registration, please fill in your contact details before payment.

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